Sound of Silence

The “Sound of Silence” is a book that celebrates two of my greatest passions in life: music and typography. The initial idea of the book was to represent my favourite songs through letterings and visual compositions . However, as I developed the book pages, I realised that there was a bigger story behind it: the visual evolution of music through the years. I used the process of creating this book as a personal mission to practice and improve my skills in lettering and typography. So, for approximately two months I tried to manually practice various typographic styles, ranging from script fonts, serif, sans-serif, blackletter, among others. By following the advice of professors Peter Smith and Andy Vella, I tried to give a more experimental approach to the book. This certainly was the most challenging part of the project, since my design experience is mostly commercial and not artistic. However, this was a very valuable advice that allowed me to explore different perspectives of my creativity and achieve results that not only surprised me, but opened my eyes to different possibilities. This project was done in my MA Design for Communication at University of Westminster, London.

Original letterings
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